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Kudzu: The Greatest Threat to Atlanta’s Trees and Landscaping

As Atlanta commercial and residential property owners know, there are few threats more serious to Georgia trees than kudzu infestation. Since its arrival from Japan in the late 1800s, kudzu has proven to be the most tenacious invasive species Georgia has ever encountered. Armed with little natural resistance and an affinity for Atlanta weather, kudzu has slowly but surely been taking over Georgia for years. Currently, kudzu is spreading across the United States at a rate of 15,000 acres per year. The majority of the spread is concentrated in the southeastern United States, including Atlanta, Georgia.

What makes Kudzu different from other invasive species, and such a special danger to Atlanta’s trees, is the way it smothers nearby trees from sunlight. Cut off from the nutrients they need to survive, trees infested with kudzu set into a slow decline towards inevitable death. Kudzu will also take over and destroy any nearby shrubs, flowers, and grasses. Left unchecked, it will cover entire buildings, including residential and commercial properties.

Kudzu Doesn’t Stand a Chance Against our Atlanta Experts

Contrary to popular myth, kudzu is not indestructible. There’s no reason why you, or any other property owner, needs to stand back and watch kudzu take over land. Our Atlanta tree service experts have been doing battle with kudzu for years, and they know all the tricks required to permanently remove kudzu from Atlanta properties. One call to them, and your kudzu nightmare can turn into a distant memory.

Our kudzu experts don’t simply remove vines, leaving you with the appearance of cleared land and nothing more. They actively go after kudzu’s root crowns, effectively destroying them so that there’s no chance of regrowth. Even the oldest root crowns, which are often located deep in the ground, are not beyond our expert’s reach. Our Atlanta professionals also understand that kudzu can grow back from dead root crowns, and they don’t take any risks where regrowth is concerned. Once they disconnect the root crowns, they’ll carefully remove them from your property and destroy them off site. When you work with our Atlanta kudzu removal experts, you’ll know the job is getting done permanently.

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The key to successful kudzu control is having it expertly removed as soon as you see it. Amateur removal often misses root crowns or fails to destroy them properly, resulting in renewed growth year after year. Worse, failure to fully dispose of debris can quickly spread kudzu infestation further across your property and into your community. This continual regrowth and spreading serves only to increase kudzu’s growth radius and give root crowns more time to burrow. Don’t let your kudzu get to the point where it’s taking over your commercial or residential property. Nip it in the bud straight away by making a call to our Atlanta kudzu removal experts. They’ll destroy your kudzu right the first time, making sure your trees and landscaping are fully protected.

Call any time for a free estimate on our kudzu removal services. Our tree service experts are standing by and would love to answer any of your questions. We eliminate kudzu in neighborhoods across Atlanta, including yours!


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